Alienation [PKGCD70] - Osmik

Alienation [PKGCD70] - Osmik


Active on and acclaimed throughout the Tribe/ Hardtechno movement for over 15 years, OSMIK is joining Audiogenic, the pioneer label for Hard Electronic Music in France, to release his debut Hardcore album: ALIENATION.

A composer in constant development, OSMIK put his Hardfloor and Tribe roots to use in order to create his own vision of a style that is decidedly more Hardcore. With a fresh new approach, he draws on the cliches of the genre only to break them and offer up an evolution of style. With its catchy melodies, haunting vocal samples, and sharp breaks, ALIENATION brings together Tribe, Hardtechno, and Hardcore in one pure album that was definitely made for the dancefloor!

On ALIENATION, Osmik imposes digressions of Dubstep, Raggatek, and even an out-of-whack outro composed completely of classic pianos. His technique and his background allow him to class this album under consistency and renewal.

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The new phenomenon in hard beats is coming!! Are you ready for the BPM therapy?

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