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About Strez

Strez started to play music in 2006, by creating his label and sound system "HAPPY FAMILY".
With a happyhartek pumping style, he quickly found a public that appreciated him and he started to play in free parties in the South of France.

Then in 2008 he collaborated with "Astrofonik" which allowed him to start playing throughout France (Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Nantes, etc..)

In 2009/2010, he started collaborating with other labels, such as Es prod, Teklicit Marsatek, Tribecore, Lsdf.

In 2011 his talent was confirmed when he became artistic director of the labels "KOMPERES" and "OUANAIGAINE" produced by Astrofonik.
He also became a member of the prestigious booking agency "Electrobooking" which gave him the opportunity to play in several European countries (Spain, Austria, Belgium, Italy) and in the best clubs and parties.

With more than 30 vinyls et over 60 tracks produced throughout Europe, Strez has become one of the most renowned artists today with a ravaging hardtek style.....

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11.10.2014 Tapage Nocturne Docks des Suds Marseille #

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