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About Sirio

(Audiogenic, Astrofonik, RND)

Producer, live performance dj, Sirio starts his career in 1994, moving in the very first parties in the North of Italy which will lead him to get involved in a sound called hardcore.

Everything started with the first experiments with the old DJtrackter. In 1995 Sirio becomes a member of the "SickDjTeam". His involvement brings the first important discography "Sick 001", printed by the label Traxtorm Record, and "Inspector Fucker", the release leading edge song, immediatly becomes part of the best seller compilation: Traxtorm Power 2003.

Then the team tries new sounds and approaches the new frenetic and energetic beat called Frenchcore, invented by Radium. So they set up "The Sickest Squad" and record many hits on the best record labels (Neurotoxic, RND 909, Noistrom).

Everything was going for the best but Sirio needs to follow his dream and his istinct: make a name for himself in the Hardcore-Frenchcore world, as an indipendent artist.
At first he hesitates then he decides to inform the team about his decision, and from June 2006 he starts planning new works and gets going.

In 2007, after one year's work, Sirio presents his new Ep: "NEUROTOXIC 31 - SIRIO - THE FIRST EP" on Audiogenic label that immediatly becomes a success and enables him to play in the top level night clubs, like Kinder Garden, Florida, Dehor,....

His hard work and effort lead him, in the following years, to print many discographic exits on the best labels, like ASTROFONIK, AUDIOGENIC, 909,.. etc.. and lots of collaborations with artists like Patter J, Skoza, Sytem 3, Frazzbass,....

Thanks to these productions, Sirio plays in many italian night clubs and begins exporting his sound abroad, in cities like Olanda,Austria, Svizzera, Germania, Belgio…
A lot of news and many artistic collaborations are coming out, so stay tuned!

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