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About Harry Potar aka Roms

(Kama Sous Trip, Bionik, Astroboy)

Heavily influenced by punk, metal, hip hop, jungle/dnb, and of course TECHNO!, Harry Potar started to make stupid happy music with Protracker on Amiga 600 and a Yamaha keyboard. Naturally, when he discovered rave party he started to make hardtek, hardcore, breakbeat and drum and bass, playing live in free parties in S-W of France and North Spain.

He did his first releases in 2003 with Le Diable Au Corps (sub-labels : Wanted Area, Bionik, Disjoncted...), and then also worked with UndergroundTekno (Kama Sous Trip, Clearscream sublabels) and Astrofonik (Astroboy, Prostitution Sonore).

His most notorious tracks were released on Kama Sous Trip : hardtek, typical Harry Potar style, and on Disjoncted : industrial hardcore, the original Roms style.

Trademarks : ultra-fat kick/bass combos, hooking melodies, electro synths, technical distorted breaks, improbable remixes...
He's a true digital live performer who leaves a big place for improvisation (no "press play and wave your arms" fake liveset, this should be forbidden !!!), always evolving, never playing the same set.

He plays all across Europe, in notorious venues and improbable places, with the biggest artists and promoters of the hardtek/hardcore scene, at the biggest festivals (Monegros Festival, Q-Dance's "Q-Base", Electron Festival in Geneve, X-massacre in Prague, Koalition in Toulouse...).

Harry Potar (aka Roms when he plays frenchcore) is one of the biggest references on the hardtek scene. And he doesn't limits his music to this style since his new productions include techno, neurofunk, electrocore and crossbreed influences.

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