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Benoit Dedek


Raggatek, Hardtek, Happy Hardcore


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About Neurokontrol

(Astrofonik, Tekita, Le Diable Au Corps)

Neuro'Kontrol aka N'Ko (UTF / Utopik Tekno Family) / France (marseille). Only one artist and many different techno facets, still very rhythmic and dance floor, as hardtek / tribe or tribecore / hardfloor, limits of hardcore depending on the occasion, but still in live set, he delivers a music always full of surprises, with detonating remix or original beats & melodies.
The smile is required on its festive music, mixing well pumping and harder rhythms, always good surprising,
Showing you that his style is unique with original kicking loops.

He mainly plays in free parties and teknival since 1998, mainly in south east of France and North Italy, active member of the underground scene, participating in the establishment of teknivals, carnivals and other events in France and Italy.
Following the French law of 2001 against rave party, and after seizure of the entire hardware UTF sound system & trucks, in 2004 he created the label with Wakefields, label on which he will have the opportunity to express himself other than live set.

His sound was rapidly picked up by the major French labels hardtekno: Tekita, Le Diable Au Corps, W.A.R., Kryzalide, Free Style Listen and LSDF. And he made his name by "making some noise" in the underground scene throughout all countries of Europe.

In 2009, after 10 years of intensive production, N'Ko become NeuroKontrol, to get better control of the dance floor while strongly stimulating your neurons.

1997: first rave party
1998: first rave party as organisator (UTF crew, south FR)
2000: first live set in free party
2001: first live set in club (Marseille, FR)
2002: first album CD
2003: first release on vinyl
2009: more than 100 tracks released on vinyls, more than 100 international bookings under artist name N'Ko UTF
2009: new artist name for new destination harder beats: N'Ko becomes Neurokontrol
2010: seeking new horizons... Raggatek Style becomes his speciality, melt with strong and melodic hardtek
2011: New artist names for new styles, NKORE for the Frenchcore, and NOKONTROL for the Electro Dirty
2015: New artist name for new style, NEOKONTROL for Hitech Darkpsy (Hard & Fast Trance produced on OVNI Records)

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