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About Riko Teklicit

Originally from Paris, Riko discovered electronic music in the mid 90’s. Within a short time he was into the parties in his region always in the search of new sounds.

In 2003 with some friends he bought his first turntables and a sound system. The Teklicit Crew was born ! At that time the parties were non stop, but each one was unique. The group’s reputation continued to grow and Riko quickly became known for his original danceflloor style sound, a mixture of old school style and an explosive tribecore. More and more ravers came to dance to his mix set and the download on the website www.teklicit.net went shooting up! It is in this atmosphere that he met up again with his childhood friend, Floxytek, who inspired him to go into production and CAM.

In 2006 he brought out his first maxi on the Kryzalide label and was quickly contacted by influential record labels such as freestyle listen records, Undergroud Records, ES Prod; Skwat Records; Astrofonik...

In 2008 with the arrival of Billx in the crew, Riko and the other menbers of the group, decided to create their own label. Teklicit Marsatek Records came into being!

Using this experience he then went on the collaborate with other major players of the undergound scene, thus, allowing for the making of coproductions such as: Chien de la casse, La Potion Magique, Teknikal voodka; Paranoize. For some of these productions he was involved as artistic director.

At the same time he was performing with flair live sets aroud Europe: Italy; Spain; Germany; Poland; Cezch Republic...

In 2011 he joined the Electrobooking team who now manage all his performances. He continues to produce numerous maxis and, regularly shares the billboard with the principal performers on the European dancefloors...

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