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Hardtek/acid to Techno/rock


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About Mem Pamal

« At the age of 14, I spent all my evenings looking for techno music on the radio. I bought my first electro tapes during a school trip in London, it was a complete schock for me. I brought back some sounds that didn’t exist in France such as Messiah, Altern 8 or Prodigy with the G-force song. From that day I wanted to make electronic music. » (Mem Pamal)

Since more than 20 years, Mem Pamal is making people dance all over Europe, installing his live set everywhere he could play, setting-up his machines one by one in front of the public. Underground artist, technical, and analogic sounds lover, Bruno is first and foremost a musician, devoted to sharing with his audience. His music is emotional and will take you on a ride for some news lands... Mem Pamal doesn’t ask for something in return, or very little. He cures people with his music, makes them cry, or laugh...

Legendary artist of the free party scene, Mem Pamal remembers very well the Spiral Tribe arrival and creation of the movement. He started playing in teknival, before big electro festivals. Pioneer of 180bpm melancholic melody, his music surprised, sometimes was not understood, but then he continued to spread his sound in free parties and more commercial raves all over Europe. Quiet and modest, he always stick to his own style, not following any trend.

Almost 60 vinyls released, 5 CD albums, 3 dvds and tapes : Mem Pamal's produces a lot, always on analog machines.

In 2017, he will realease some news vinyls and his new album «La fin de la jalousie», coproduced with the drummer Martin Brunner, will be available before the summer.

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