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About Teknambul (& Scratchaker)

Teknambul Soundsystem was founded in 1996 by Alex and Guillaume. In the 90's, they organized free parties in the South of France in collaboration with 3Khaos, and there they kept close to the main actors of the underground scene at that time such as Metek, OQP, UBIK…
It didn't take long before they started producing their own music and pressing vinyls. They released their first LP "Choc Frontal" on the Okupé label. Their next productions were mainly supported by the label Axium, founded by Fred and Mik aka Scratchaker. Then they also released on labels such as Metek, Ubik, Psychoquake, Ummologik, Hallucidité, Astrofonik.
Since 2013, they mainly focused on producing Hardtek & Drum'n'Bass and played live around Europe at gigs and festivals like RAVE (FR), End of the world (ES), X-Massacre (CZ), Tekno Legends (IT), Tapage Nocturne (FR), Livello59 (IT)…

Scratchaker is a former bass player. In 1993 he started to play in a hardcore band influenced by Fugazi, Rage Against the Machine, Pearl Jam, Cypress Hill, Wu Tang, Beastie Boys and such. Two years later he discovered electronic music as the first acid house beats were aired on the radio. It was a revelation ! Then he discovered free parties in the South of France and quickly started mixing and co-organizing underground parties.
Also very attracted by hip-hop culture, he decided to blend all his influence by using the scratch technique with a techno tempo.
He founded the Axium label after meeting Teknambul Sound System.
On stage, Scratchaker is playing is own productions and scratching, blending hip-hop, break beat and drum'n'bass.

Since 2013, Alex and Mik decided to play live together under the name "Teknambul vs Scratchaker". Their project consists in a live performance merging old school tekno tribe, break beat, drum'n'bass and hip-hop.

Contact us whether you want to book the Teknambul duo (Alex & Guillaume) or Teknambul & Scratchaker (Alex & Mik).

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