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About Bit Reactors

Bit Reactors is an Italian music project founded in 2011 by Blastek and Otto-Beat. The styles that characterize their music can be recognized with elements of Frenchcore, Hardcore and Industrial.
Since the beginning of their career Bit Reactors thanks to their experiences and different background decided to establish a distinct sound which they describe as melodic combined with aggressive and heavy sound.
The duo received good feedback and started to get recognition from the audience and music providers community not only in Italy but also throughout Europe which led Bit Reactors to travel even more to play their sound to hungry music people. First important appearances followed and they played major Hardcore music festivals such as Dominator, Masters of Hardcore and Ground Zero.
2012 was a very important year for this music project. As they continue to travel and play their music across various festivals and venues they get acquainted with established artist Sirio and with him they started a smooth collaboration which enabled Bit Reactors to produce their first hit called “Play my game”.
After this release in 2013 Bit Reactors presented their first solo EP called “Losing my mind”. This was a turning point for the duo.
In the following years after many experiences and hard work Bit Reactors released new EPs, tracks and remixes through different labels like Brutale (Traxtorm Records), Neurotoxic, R-909, Noistorm, Peacock Records, Beat Syndikate and Digital Plague.
In the meanwhile... Bit Reactors are always on the hunt for new sounds.
Today they are experimenting a new dark side which will take their music to new different and heavier sounds… so expect heavier and bloodier tracks in the near future.

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