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Very young, Nico is strongly and deeply attracted by music. His training starts in the conservatory learning piano where he studies the essential musical basis. But soon, tired of playing scales, he turns towards Rock music, a free music, without anybody to hit his fingers. He plays guitar in several Rock or Metal Fusion bands and has to admit finally that from Rock and Roll, it is the behavior and the state of the brain which are the real engines.
He finds all he needs and wishes in a music called Techno.
His first rave in 1996, the kicks and basslines, the snares and the tribal drums making you think that you attend the take-off of a rocket, not as a spectator, but as a passenger... have marked his brain in red.
Everything is now clear: he will find the graal of the Rock and Roll in this robotic and tribal music with a too often under evaluated potential.
From 1997, Nico started djing under the name of DJ KONIK , then created the DZ SOUND SYSTEM with some friends who share the same interest. The whole crew traveled across France and Europe for some time and exploded the neurons of those who stood too close from their Martin razors. They learned also to manage the DZ system by themselves.
The Konik sound goes against the underground trend at this time. From 1999, he definitely turned towards techno music. In 2002, the DZ crew installed his dj bags in Paris and organized in La Loco the "1terférence" evenings. Those who had not been able to evaluate his talent and his dj feeling are quickly surprised by his capacity to set on fire all what looks like a dance floor.
Then took place some memorable sessions and fantastic moments such as the SoundPsycho at the Zenith in Auxerre, the Contrast in a castle from the 15th century, the Batofar and a lot of clubs in France, without forgetting a lot of gigs in Eastern Europe (Cross Club, Matrix, Faval) and the most important events in the area.
In 2008, once again, the devil of the composition invaded Nico’s brain. With his endless friends, he created the DZ6Tem Records label and keeps on producing. They are noticed by the Chapati Express label which produces his first track under the pseudo of The Kaos Theory, duo created together with his friend Resh.G.

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