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(Chateau Bruyant Records)

Bookings for Europe, except France, Switzerland & Belgium (in collaboration with Migal Productions).

The French band Tambour Battant made of Ben Stoker and Chixx is one of these acts that make all barriers fall. Combining experiments and efficiency on an electro basis, the two producers can't stop searching, looking for any new exciting music to extract the best of it. Hip Hop, Electro, Tropical or Bass Music… An explosive mix that works perfectly on the dancefloor. They have been released on various labels such as Boka rec (UK), Man Recordings, Freakz me out (DE), Straight Up ! (US), Boxon, Citizen (FR) and more…

In 2010, they launched their own label Château Bruyant, elected several times best electro finest by the french press (Tsugi, Trax). It enables them to release theirs and others music, following only one motto: let's bang it !

But what makes TBBT unique is their off the hook live PA's, controllers, MPC pads, electronic drums and effects… Far, so far from your usual arms-crossed-behind-the-decks DJ. They have toured Europe, Central America , China, Canada... for the last couple of years, leaving excited crowds behind. Their hybrid live shows, somewhere between Rock concerts and Club sets, take you on an incredible journey through electronic musics. It’s a handful of mighty hip hop bangers, that slightly moves to dancefloor bombs, and before you even notice it, those fat TR 808 subs are pushing the walls…

Tambour Battant released their last album "TBBT" in April 2014, including the banger track 'Dance Like A'. This release, as every time, is supported by a lot of "big shots" like Bassnectar, Far Too Loud, The Prodigy, Dirtyphonics, Aquasky, Reid Speed, Pyramid, MJ Cole and many more.

The album was followed by the release of two remixes EPs in Octobre and November 2014, including remixes by Beat Torrent, Niveau Zero, The Unik or Bert On Beats.

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