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About Tanukichi

Native Japanese. After becoming the Street Fighter 2 champion at the age of 10, he started to strum the guitar with his father. Between the age of 15 and 20, he became a walking menace of a guitarist in the local Hardcore bands. With the multitude of distortion beat wave sounds, he began to focus more on the Electronic music thrills. As he experienced free parties he discovered techno sounds. Pure bass vibrations hit him right through the body and the waves of enlightenment shook him where he saw daylight.

In 2006, he went to his first Teknival in Japan with Ndendeki and met Mat Weasel Busters. He was immensely impressed with the wicked sounds of Mat, which triggered a spark of inspiration within his soul and he started making his own liveset & music. Tanukichi's liveset is packed with Happy Tekcore beats, as well as the many wonky Japanese soups and strong breaks of Wasabi.

In 2011, he decided to move to the Czech Republic to explore his outer realms and found along the way a life of RS 7000 and many Japanese foods, which he so loves. During his visit he met the Yes Papa crew, played at clubs like Cross Club & Yes Club. All thanks to Mat Weasel, Keygen Kaotic, MSD, Dr looney and Suburbass. He couldn't have had such a great experience without these guys. After his Schengen Agreement of living in the Czech Republic for 3 months he returned to Japan. However he immediately came back with a steadfast belief and life. Today Tanukichi has been kicking many parties and festivals around Europe with his ultra sonic liveset which is influenced by all the best djs he loves!

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