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About Sytri-X

(Free Style Listen, Undergroundtekno)

Sytri-X is a guitar teacher, drums player and literally addicted to music who took over the turntables in 2002. Then he started to organize many “ free partys” in Normandy during which he perfected his technique of mixing. In 2008 he started to work on the software “FL studio” and composed his first tracks produced by FREESTYLELISTEN who created a sub-label mainly for him called kick for kill.

It connects six singles on this label, and composed forty tracks mostly produced by FREESTYLELISTEN (op6tem, architek, kick for kill) but also by TOONZSHOP (breakteam 15) and UNDERGROUND TEKNO (cinetek 02 with Suburbass)

His mastery of the instruments associated with its musical influences give him the chance to play very fast next to the greatest like (Floxytek, BillX, JT LABO 14, Keygen Kaotic, Noisia ...), and that across Europe (Belgium , Netherlands, Poland, Austria,Italy, Spain)

In 2011 he decided to innovate in its field of music by incorporating the guitar during his live performances.
More than a live set his shows are truly concerts subtly mixing rock and electronic music.

A new style is born !

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