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About Vj TinTin

Editor / motion designer / cameraman, his "bio-digital" world consists of creating 3D and cyberpunk video trend.

In 2003, he became the veejay of French sound system Utopik Tekno Family (UTF).
After many free parties in the south of France and various club events or festivals throughout France and Europe, he founded in 2005, the association Vizuhell for the organization of visual events.
In 2008, he took part in the festival vjing Vision'R (Avit France) and came second in the competition Arté / Codanova. In the aftermath he also obtained second place in the first Techno contest.

He has played alongside many internationals hip hop, jungle / drum, electro / techno / hardtek / hardcore artists such as Noisia, John B, Interlope, Eric Prydz, Far too loud, Teenage bad girl, Crystal Distortion, Micropoint, Manu le Malin, Mat Weasel Buster,....

With extensive experience with the public, with the mission to provide a visual depth to the sound, TinTin delights in his "Lives" to control, manipulate, to grind the media with a disconcerting.

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